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Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, Italian Minister of Environment and Energy Security & Max Morgan, Founder, People Authorized

Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, Italian Minister of Environment and Energy Security & Max Morgan, Founder, People Authorized

Archbishop Gabriele Caccia, the Vatican's permanent observer to the United Nations & Max Morgan, Founder, People Authorized

Archbishop Gabriele Caccia, the Vatican's permanent observer to the United Nations & Max Morgan, Founder, People Authorized

Max Morgan, Founder, People Authorized, Honorable, Abida Sidik Mia, MP, Minster of Water & Sanitation, Malawi, Dr. Agnes Chimbiri-Molande, Ambassador & Permanent Representative Permanent Mission of Malawi to UN

Max Morgan, Founder, People Authorized, Honorable, Abida Sidik Mia, MP, Minster of Water & Sanitation, Malawi, Dr. Agnes Chimbiri-Molande, Ambassador & Permanent Representative Permanent Mission of Malawi to UN

Max Morgan, Founder, People Authorized

Max Morgan, Founder, People Authorized

Dame Gloria Starr Kins, Advisory Board Chairwoman, Max Morgan, Founder, People Authorized, Oscar Alvarado, The Hague

Dame Gloria Starr Kins, Advisory Board Chairwoman, Max Morgan, Founder, People Authorized, Oscar Alvarado, The Hague

Peace Through Prosperity & Sustainable Development

Together, your ambitious vision and dedication to action and transformation is propelling us towards a sustainable, equitable and inclusive water-secure future for people and planet alike.”
— The UN Secretary General, António Guterres
NEW YORK, NY, USA, March 26, 2023/ -- People Authorized strives to promote lasting peace and sustainable development around the world by engaging the people-citizens of the land and the country, recognizing everyone, including indigenous people, business partnerships, interfaith dialogue, tourism and cultural exchanges, innovations in education, and community engagement, among other initiatives which improve living standards and increase job opportunities. They believe, as members of a vibrant world community that we all must share cooperative protective elements for the safety and prosperity of all by countering all forms of terrorism, extremism, violent conflicts, and war which unfortunately threaten the prosperity of every nation.

The UN 2023 Water Conference convened successfully on March 24, 2023. The UN Secretary General, António Guterres, stated “Together, your ambitious vision and dedication to action and transformation is propelling us towards a sustainable, equitable and inclusive water-secure future for people and planet alike.”

People Authorized is proud to have participated in this powerful and impressive water conference, in a humble capacity, by participating in many of the UN activities, roundtable discussions, solution-findings, and the inclusive hospitality extended by the various UN Missions bringing together and uniting participants from all over the globe.

Max Morgan, founder of People Authorized, engaged in direct discussions with the missions and delegations from Japan, Israel, Australia, Netherlands, Cameron, South Korea, Malawi, Italy, Vatican, encouraging further discussions and solutions for a better world incorporating the advanced science and technologies of these countries, coupled with direct financing and brainstorming of the GCC countries in a unique partnership with Africa to preserve water as earth’s most valuable asset. As stated by the UN Secretary General “As humanity’s most precious global common good, water unites us all.” We all have the same desires: a safe roof over our heads, food to feed our beloved families, education for our children, healthcare for our elderly, safe communities for our minors,” Morgan.

Archbishop Gabriele Caccia, the Vatican's permanent observer to the United Nations stated, “The Vatican envoy has warned the UN General Assembly that racism is mutating and re-emerging’ globally.” Morgan discussed unified interfaith unity against all forms of religious and ethnic extremism to achieve the shared mutual goals of a peaceful and prosperous world.

Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, Italian Minister of Environment and Energy Security stated, “Italy has always been committed to working towards achieving the goals set out in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, especially to providing financial support to the UNESCO-Perugia Programme, which coordinates the publication of the annual UN World Water Development Report.” Morgan discussed utilizing Italian expertise and technologies to help LDCs (Least Developed Countries) in Africa in building better communities with better housing, clean water sources, and renewable energy.

Abida Sidik Mia, MP, Minster of Water & Sanitation, Malawi stated, “Water as they say is life, and therefore without clean water, there is no life. This is the reason why I would like to urge the developed countries, the international aid organizations, and investors in water and sanitation-related projects to assist Malawi with resources so that every citizen in every corner of the country has access to clean water.” Morgan discussed People Authorized efforts to connect Israeli technologies with investment from wealthy developed nations to spare Africa the potential of violence due to the limited supply of water resources.

Representing People Authorized, Max Morgan, Founder, and Dame Gloria Starr Kins, Advisory Board Chairwoman, met with Oscar Alvarado from the Hague and discussed cooperative work and participation in future global and regional summits focusing on world peace and sustainable development. People Authorized extended a wealth of resources to the Hague organization to facilitate and improve its ongoing work in the Middle East, including Iran, Iraq, Jordan, and other territories.

“I believe that the world is embarking on a new form of violent conflicts over control of water sources due to the alarmingly increasing shortage and pollution. The Dead Sea is drying out, the Nile River is at the center of a ticking timebomb between Egypt, Sudan, and Ethiopia, among other similar conflicts. It is everyone’s responsibility to work together and share resources and solutions and avoid war at all costs. We believe that peace in the Middle East and worldwide is possible. With the recent peace talks and accords in Ethiopia, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Israel, Oman, Bahrain, Sudan, Morocco, Abraham Accords, Camp David Accords, there is evidence that peace can be achieved.” Morgan.

“We are also witnessing historic positive and promising efforts towards a peaceful world, during the month of March 2023, the United Nations held the First International Day to Combat Islamophobia, while Saudi Arabia honored Rabbi Marc Schneier as the First Rabbi Columnist who was hosted by H.E. Faisal J. Abbas, Arab News Editor-in-Chief at the newspaper’s headquarters in Riyadh, while the UAE celebrated the opening of the Multifaith Abrahamic Family House in Abu Dhabi which was visited by Pope Francis in 2019.” Starr Kins said.

People Authorized needs your help and support to continue its mission of achieving peace around the world. It is a self-funded non-profit organization but still needs public support from donors to organize additional summits that encourage peace around the world. You can donate, and may also consider becoming a founding member and taking on a more active role with their dedicated team of advisory board members and peace ambassadors.

People Authorized recently held their inaugural summit “InPeace 2023” at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, NJ (USA) with attendees representing major religions and countries who bonded together over three nights in a very friendly environment sharing meals, discussions, and healthy dialogue. The event concluded by challenging attendees to take on the personal responsibility to act as peace ambassadors to their countries and communities.

Trump National Golf Club, Bedminster, NJ
Saturday, March 11, 2023
Keynote Speaker: Max Morgan, Founder, People Authorized
Inaugural Summit “InPeace 2023”

"Good morning, Hello, Assalamu Alikom, Shalom, Peace be upon you….
Thank you all for coming to this historic summit,
And Welcome to InPeace 2023

I would like to begin by thanking President Donald J. Trump, First Lady Melania Trump, the entire Trump Family, Trump Organization, and Staff, not only for their trust but also for allowing us to host this historic event and providing unmatched passion and support despite all the surprise emergencies.

My Name is Max Morgan….
Because am an American…. Because I Can, and Because I have a Choice…
In life, we don’t get to choose many things like;
Our birth names, our parents, the language or religion they raise us to speak and follow…
We also don’t get to choose who we are raised to love or hate, or our values.
Yet as adults, we do,
especially when fortunate enough to live in a free country…
I was born in Cairo, Egypt, left with my parents at the age of 2, grew up in Saudi Arabia, then lived and traveled around the world.

My father fought in the 1973 Arab-Israeli war, and I grew up witnessing firsthand the effects of the Iraq-Iran war, Gulf War, Desert Storm, and many in between and after while living in the region….
I was born a Muslim, with Coptic Christian extended family and friends circles,….but also realized that I may have some Jewish blood in my far roots….

I speak the languages, studied the religions, and am considered an expert on the Cultures and History of the Middle-East
I Know firsthand how it feels to be raised to hate an imaginary enemy we may have never met or encountered…. How to be brainwashed with falsehood, propaganda, and manipulative ideology…
I stand before you today to seek forgiveness on behalf of the citizens of the world… of every religion, culture, heritage, language, and ethnicity….

Those who engage in hate, violence, and war motivated by the same…ignoring that what unites us far exceeds what divides us…
Forgiveness is sought not for what we were raised to be, but rather for what we continued to be….
Yet it’s never too late to do the right thing… to right the wrong, to seek and grant redemption….to be the sound of reason….and to promote love and peace…..

The signage of the Abraham Accords, 42 years after the Camp David Accords, renewed the hope to live in peace, prosper, and enjoy life the way God intended for us.

Despite the historic importance of both Accords… I believe there is an important clarification that MUST be addressed…. And more important to come…
I have been correcting the narrative for so long that the Abraham Accords did not achieve a new norm….but rather started to restore what was….

For millennials, Muslims, Christians, and Jews lived in harmony as friends, neighbors, loved ones, and citizens with undifferentiated equitable rights.

At People Authorized…. I found my purpose in life…. To employ my unique experience in the region, religion, culture, business, geography, and history….. to achieve sustainable peace at the grassroots level and encourage more countries to join the peace train….. I call this (The People’s Accords)…
Because governments and diplomats come and go…. but people remain….
At People Authorized…. with your help and support….we aim to encourage more people to end Antisemitism, Islamophobia, and all forms of other extremism, hate, hostility, and violence.

Together we achieve that, with business, investment in cultural, educational, touristic, and interfaith initiatives…
With that in mind…. Let’s all mark a new beginning…. Turn around, shake hands…find a new friend… a new business deal… and make millions together….

This event was scheduled to have more than 250 of the world’s most influential people in Business and Diplomacy…. We understand that some emergencies happen…. But we also understand that some people are so used to taking and not giving….

While we appreciate all those who gave, and they will be remembered…. We encourage forgiveness and redemption for those who realized that its better late than never….
I urge you all to find in your hearts….Empathy & Sympathy… and to realize that while there is one road to war….there are many other roads to peace… That armed forces should only exist to regulate and never to intimidate….That this amazing world is big enough for all of us and many generations to come.

Let Us Live In Peace.
I love you all and wish you the best success and luck"

Saturday, March 11, 2023
Keynote Speaker: Dame Gloria Starr Kins, Advisory Board Chairwoman
Government Liaison & Protocol, People Authorized
Inaugural Summit “InPeace 2023”

"Dear Friends,

Unfortunately, through a sad minor accident recently, I had to undergo an operation and cannot, therefore, participate in this epic conglomeration of power players. I believe I have been an integral part of the United Nations since 1957, and am knowledgeable to the fact that the organization is the key to negotiating peace and understanding.

This special target of myself and Max Morgan for this event was to strengthen the aims of the United Nations Secretary-General and dedicated key members of the UN Secretariat who has been traveling worldwide, with a key message: promoting sustainable development is the only savior today of world tragedies and conflicts, leading to massive movement of refugees worldwide seeking refuge in the neighboring countries.

Sustainable development is our only answer. This includes the investment of time, money, brain power, expertise, and the understanding of the need for development and mutual effort to help save each other and ultimately ourselves and the lives we are leading.

We have encouraged powerful leaders, and influential investors to unite and collaborate on fair, clean investment allowing legitimate profit for all and what is needed to save civilization and cultural inheritances up to now. Ultimately we hope to gather the influential politicians and wealthy stakeholders to end corruption and go back to business in the old gentleman's agreement manners.

At the recent Doha conference, world leaders gathered together in Doha, Qatar, to deliver a historic new compact to support the needy states whose vulnerabilities are most exposed.

Since the onset of the pandemic, the 46 countries in the UN’s Least Developed Country (LDC) due to internal regional conflicts, the needy countries category have suffered through inadequate pandemic-fighting resources and spiraling debt, sending their development progress backwards.

According to United Nations Secretary-General, António Guterres, the Least Developed Countries are at times neglected amidst a rising tide of crisis, debt, climate chaos, and deep global injustice, due to questionable government ethics. Some of these problems could have been avoided with more financial transparency which is normal for developed countries.
Our conference targeting the aforementioned least developed countries is an opportunity to step up to the challenge.

The worldwide alert is that we only have 10 years from 2030 to remedy the crisis existing now. Business development and investment in education, healthcare, and jobs will contain the current crisis. Investment is key. Factories and employment are key. Protected agriculture with seed and fertilizer and hydroponics where possible so that the country can grow agriculture, feed their own people, and hopefully sell overflow.
Governments have to invest by offering the land to invested seed and agriculture sectors.

Conflicts have to be negotiated and remedied. Unnecessary conflicts, due to corrupt media, must end. If historically studying the Bibles of the world, some incorporated into the Quran, in targeted translated languages, and sponsored by the religious leaders of the world, it’s all an old story. The advice for peace in these books should be followed.

Antonio Guterres has also announced the full intention of the UN to work hand in glove with any possible successful negotiations. With a new direction and hope, stakeholders must Partner with the Secretary General of the UN to attract lucrative investment in developing countries.

Governments must work with the investor partnerships along with the SG for complete transparency on the investments, studying carefully if the investment is practically guaranteed to succeed under the aegis of the heads of states and ministers of economy of the developing states and countries to prove investments can succeed. They must guarantee losses can be reclaimed to the investors. Some investments cannot be profitable but can help upgrade needy countries but then must be insured against loss.

To quote the SG, “the principle of partnerships underpins our strategic vision to prevent
a return to civil war and to build durable peace. We deeply value the support and engagement of all actors”.

We all share the sun and the moon. We cannot live without respecting both and their blessing and not abusing either. We hope that by collaborating with new technologies to develop a partnership, it can help avoid more climate catastrophes.

If there is a God’s will, let Him listen to our prayers and help save the world as we see it today.

Let’s encourage and continue the work People Authorized started for impactful sustainable development and all of its targets- climate change, by encouraging serious science brains of the world, corporate leaders, financial institutions, and world leaders to plan that is not just pontificating and talk - but real possible action- with a simple direction of honesty and sincere goodwill."

Max Morgan
People Authorized
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Peace Through Prosperity

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